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Student nurse electives continue in Ruarwe

The nursing student elective program in Ruarwe has continued with 4 student nurses from King’s College London. The nurses spent a month in Ruarwe working at Ruarwe Health Centre alongside the Malawian medical staff.

During their stay they assisted with the delivery of a baby, provided daily wound care and dressing changes to a patient who injured his knee, assisted in an emergency situation, and assisted Paul with the day-to-day jobs in the clinic such as; malaria testing, dispensing medication, dressing wounds, giving IM injections, anti- and pre-natal check-ups, family planning, healthcare education, and assisted with HIV testing and counselling.

Speaking of their time in Malawi: “We had an amazing time!! We found the work in the clinic really interesting and so different from UK healthcare, it was great to experience nursing in a clinic that has few resources and little equipment, and how resourceful the staff are. It was also really interesting as adult nurses to get some experience with children and pregnant women, which the UK doesn’t offer. Paul was a fantastic teacher and so knowledgeable, he made sure we all got good hands-on experience.”

We are so glad that they enjoyed their stay and we look forward to continuing to work with student nurses on their elective placements!

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Haemoglobin meter and mini solar panel donation to the clinic

We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to returning volunteer Hayley Crow who has arranged a large fundraiser in her native Australia to buy and bring out a battery and mains powered haemoglobin meter and solar panel with rechargeable batteries for the clinic. The device is the same as is currently used in other government clinics across Malawi and so the consumables will be supplied by the district health team meaning that this is a wonderful, sustainable gift! The haemoglobin meter has already been put to good use at the clinic for anaemia screening in severe malaria cases, aiding referrals for transfusion where necessary.

Hayley accompanied the equipment out to Ruarwe and assisted at the clinic for 5 weeks and offering any top-up training needed by the staff. Thank you to Hayley and her family for organising these wonderful gifts and to all the donors whose generosity has allowed this to happen. Yewo Chomene!!

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Volunteer nurses provide informal contraceptive health education

Teenage pregnancy is a very real problem across rural Malawi, resulting in girls dropping out from secondary education and, while re-admission policies do exist, it is unclear how well they are followed. In order to tackle this problem, two volunteer nurses conducted an informal contraceptive health education talk for both male and female school students in Khondowe. They provided extensive information about contraceptive services available at both the Khondowe and Ruarwe Health Centres and answered the students’ questions about contraception.

While sex education (including contraception) is on the school syllabus, this is sadly often overlooked due to both staffing and social pressures, amongst other issues.  Alice Worsley and Hannah Ward were able to start tackling this lack of education along with John Chilinde, project co-ordinator and youth leader at NYM. Thank you!


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Elective nurses at Ruarwe Health Centre

We are delighted to have been able to host two more student nurses from the UK on their elective placement in Ruarwe. Isabel Billowes and Sarah Ball spent a month at the Ruarwe Health Centre.

They gained experience in common conditions such as Malaria and Pneumonia, and led the recovery of a burns patient under supervision. They also had the opportunity to see the clinic at Khondowe, and undertook some public health education.

We would also like to thank Izzy and Sarah for their very generous donations of footballs, netballs and chalk as well as other items for the Youth Club at NYM. Yewo Chomene and we look forward to seeing you in Ruarwe again soon!

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Bittings Graduates

We are extremely proud of Bittings Nkhata for having successfully completed his M.A. training course at the Lilongwe College of Health Sciences. He will be starting his position as Medical Assistant of Ruarwe clinic in September. Now that we have a full time medical assistant from the local area, the clinic will at last be open permanently.

Congratulations Bittings!!! It has been a long road but your whole community is proud of you and we are thrilled that we were able to celebrate together with you at your graduation ceremony on 13th May 2016 in Lilongwe.