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Incredible grant received from Africa Direct

In September, Nyumba ya Masambiro was delighted to receive a grant of 2.4 million Kwacha (2.9k Euro) from Africa Direct. Phunzira applied for this grant on behalf of NYM, for the relaunch of the Maize Mill Project. The Maize Mill project was requested by the community to alleviate some of the food insecurity experienced as a result of not have easy access to a mill. The grant proposal, prepared by Philippa Mander and Rosa Nissim, was submitted in July and approved later that month.

Africa Direct is a charitable organisation registered in Ireland. From their website:

“We are an Irish Cork-based charity fundraising to support projects for people living in poverty in Africa. We are run by a membership of volunteers open to anyone to bring their own skills, ideas and backgrounds, and we are a fully voluntary organisation committed to getting the maximum funds raised ‘direct’ to our partner’s projects.”
“Africa Direct’s mission is to alleviate poverty in Africa. Our approach is to work with Africans to tackle poverty in their own home areas. We do this through supporting, funding and listening to our African partners.”

We would like to extend out thanks to the wonderful team at Africa Direct for this incredible grant – it really will make such a huge difference to the whole community within the Ruarwe Zone. Tawonga Chomene!

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